Blended learning
face-to-face training
Distance learning
Performance tracking

Time needed

Time needed to complete this lesson: 45 min



This first lesson will define the roles in the course and try to identify your personal learning potential. The approach of a «true» e-Learning combines learning input with interactive collaboration between participants – so this lesson will make you familiar with communication in virtual environments (in fact, you‘ll be asked to use all tools provided in the course room during this lesson) and we will ask you to get into personal contact with your course fellows.

At the end of this lesson, you should have established your personal working plan (referring to your role as a participant of the course) and a «Performance Tracking» sheet which you will use to keep record of your view as a tutor on the performance of the other course participants.

Learning Goal
This first lesson will give you an impression of the main tasks of a tutor and what this course is offering you to become an e-Tutor (and what the course content does NOT offer).

You should be familiar with moderation and facilitation of trainings and workshops in general. Also, we expect that you know how to access the internet and how to overcome simple net-connection problems on your own. You might consider it helpful to participate in an existing e-Learning course as a participant before taking part here.

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